Connexxions Brand & Media was founded in 2009 by industry expert Arthur op den Brouw to provide quality brand and marketing services for startups and 'smaller' organisations that value creativity.

Founded on the principles of creativity, social responsibility, and cherishing heritage while pioneering the art of communication, Connexxions specialises in empowering our clients, exploring who they want to be, and how they want to be perceived. Connexxions provides the creativity, assets, and strategy those businesses need to look and sound the part.

We believe this kind of collaboration sits at the heart of design excellence.

We work closely with our clients, often over the course of many years, utilising our passion, experience, and skills to best meet the needs and goals of both the organisation and their target audience. By forming long-term relationships with our clients, Connexxions gains a deeper understanding of their company DNA, which informs every creative decision we make.

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Our home

Based in Reading and Bristol, our new HQ is located in Castle Studios at 15 Castle Street, Reading. Originally founded in 1527, it is one of Reading’s oldest and most unique buildings.

Owned and operated by Connexxions, Castle Studios is in the very heart of Reading, and will offer flexible office space complemented by community areas where events, meetings and new friendships are formed.


Our services

In-house disciplines includes: marketing strategy, brand and corporate identity consultancy, graphics and illustration, video sound photography and animation, brochure presentation and marketing assets, web design and development, e-commerce hosting and maintenance, interior 3D modelling and CAD, and marketing strategy.

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Our approach

The creative process is at the core of everything we do, from the smallest content production requirements right up to a full brand rework or large-scale campaign. We have developed system of five D's – discover, define, design, develop, defend – which guides us and you through the creative journey and guarantees fantastic results every time.

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Some of the industries we support

Manufacturing, recycling, green-tech, sustainability, health and wellbeing, the arts, luxury, fasion, and education, to name a few.

Our people

Connexxions believes that collaboration is at the heart of design excellence.